WELCOME to my pets page!


Here are some photos of Mikey, the dog and Lancelot, the cat. Mikey is what my dad calls, a little sneak. I agree that he's very sneaky. He loves Lancelot though. They are like brothers. Well, almost. Mikey likes to eat food from the table but we are not allowed to feed him. Mikey is my favourite dog i've had in my whole life and I love him X3. He's very hyper and everyone loves him! He's so cute! ^^(Lol.)

Lancelot hates Mikey because of one thing. He's annoying (ha-ha.) He just loves seafood. He's loves going outside and I guess you can say he likes to eat. The cat loves us all especially my dad! I love Lancelot and he might not like me much though! (^^;;)

Well That's all! Toodles! n_n