Welcome to my links page!!



                        Here are some links that you can check out!

This is my dads website. Its all information about Darkzone. Its for kids AND adults. Its also fun to explore it. My dads website is bigger than mine though.
                     www.neopets.com This is Neopets. I don't go on it anymore since  its kind of too kiddish for me now, but its perfect for little kids ill tell you that!
                    www.gaiaonline.com This is a website site I go on A LOT! Its really fun you create your own characters, get clothes to put on them etc.. This site is mostly for teens but kids can go too!
        www.artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/  This is an art site that you can draw. Its really neat. I go on this site to paint things. You should check it out, if you really like art!
            www.grsites.com/gallery/  You can check out this site for logos. I got my logos on this site! Its awesome!